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Have you all come across a situation where after every few years your true passion speaks to your heart in a voice so strong, so dominant that you find it impossible to disregard it. This voice stimulates your heart and instills within you an energy that does not let you sleep. All you can think about is your passion in the days that follow ahead.

But after a few months of continuous battle , that voice fades. It is remarkable how much energy and practical wisdom we humans put in defeating the voice of our very own heart. We keep convincing ourselves that the path of following our passion will lead to a difficult and less traveled road. And it certainly takes a lot of courage and gumption to walk in this challenging path, the path of your dreams.

Speaking from personal experience, I was passionate about writing. I use ‘was’ because I used to write a lot during my school days. Even after 20 long years, I can still vividly feel the joy and satisfaction derived from it. I was a child and ignorant and happy to pursue my passion. Critical and practical opinions of others didn’t matter because the joy derived from writing was immeasurable. Even the worst feedback didn’t affect me. I was just happy to write.

And then I grew up. And as Picasso rightly quoted once,

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Mind took over heart and it was no longer time to choose a road less traveled. Nobody but I am to blame for this. I chose to pursue a safe and secure profession where I was sure I will be able to pay my bills. The passion of writing became a hobby now. Hobby as commonly defined is an activity done in one’s leisure time for pleasure. And as adults and specially as women, our leisure time is extremely limited. As time passes, we tend to get busier with more “important tasks” that need our complete attention like family, careers, financial stability etc. We successfully train our hearts to follow the notion that one’s passion should take the last precedence in one’s life. At least I have done this for the longest time . Then life goes on and as few more months pass, the boredom hits back at you. That feeling that something is still missing in your life creeps in again . And this time that inner voice is more dominant and desperate to be acknowledged. And just like all the other times ,you fight it . Your mind tries hard to defeat it until one day you decide enough is enough.

Today is that day for me. Today I have decided that I will write something every day. I have not set a goal of number of words or the number of hours or the topics that I will cover. I have just decided never to stop writing. I have just decided to dive in and not be impacted by the depth of the sea. I can no longer to be contented just by being on the sidelines. I have decided to unleash my creative potential and share my thoughts, opinions and ideas with the world. I have allowed myself to feel the childlike enthusiasm that was lost since years. I have decided to follow my inner voice.

And thus here comes my first article. It might be full of flaws and errors. But it doesn’t matter. At least for today. At least for this very moment. I am here to celebrate my passion and enjoy being perfectly imperfect. I will be delighted even if I am able to make a slightest bit of difference in the thoughts of anyone who reads it. My sincere advice would be to follow your passion for your inner happiness. Do it only because you really want to. Don’t think of excuses. Find time to pursue your passion and make it important enough so that it features on your to-do list.

As quoted correctly by Rumi:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

PS : I am grateful to my husband Puneet who kept on pushing me to write. He would not accept my excuses and has successfully convinced me to follow my passion of writing😊

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